Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Featuring TheEclecticElement

As promised in my previous post, I'm introducing to you to an amazing young artist that I was blessed to met few weeks ago, Kayla the owner of TheEclecticElement where you can find plenty necklaces, bracelets, earrings, Jewelry sets and vintage pieces.

I'll leave you with her enthusiastic words describing herself and with some piece of eye candy that are her creations!

Hi, my name is Kayla, I am 19 years young (November baby), I fancy myself a spiritual person, but not religious, I can't stand politics, and I have been sick with Lyme Disease for 5 ½ years now.

Lyme Disease Awarness 'Healing' Bracelet

I am unable to go to school because of the LD (I would be a freshman in college) or hold a job for that matter, but more ME time right? Please don’t feel sorry for me because that’s not what I’m about. Yes, I’m sick and sometimes I feel sorry for myself, but mostly I embrace this journey because it has given me many wonderful things.

Au Natural necklace

One of which is my passion for jewelry and creating it. I started a little after I got sick and it has been a staple In my life ever since. It has definitely helped be through good, bad and ugly.

Gorgeous Vintage Sarah Coventry Feather Leaf Brooch Pin

I also love to do other crafts. You name it, I have either tried it, are currently doing it, or plan on attempting to within my time. Love love love to read anything and everything I can get my hands on(especially self help books; Now THAT'S telling you something-Lol-). Outdoors is my inspiration. I hate it when I can't be outside; Its like a part of my soul is missing.

Black, White, and Red All Over Upcycled Necklace and Earring Set

Kayla started this shop few months ago and is doing really great. That's more than a full time job for her, so let's show her some support! She loves customs work and right now she's offering a pretty good deal: BUY TWO OR MORE ITEMS, GET 10% OFF THE FINAL TOTAL!!

To know more about this amazing artist, don't forget to stop by to her blog to say hello or follow her updates on twitter!!

Now, for all my friends whom support helped me throught my son's illiness, I'm happy to say that Gabriel is doing fine and will be back in school tomorrow.

Stay tuned for an amazing giveaway coming up....until then.....see ya!!


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