Monday, August 6, 2012

Weight update #3

I'm not happy today, AT ALL!!!! 

I'm REALLY REALLY upset right now. 
I finally finished my steroids treatments and the damn pills made me hungry all the time. 
The result is that I gained all the wight I lost and then some 

Those 4-5 lb felt really nice off of me, now I feel like a balloon ready to explode again :( 

I'm trying not to get discouraged and just forget the whole thing, but I really don't feel good with this weight on me, I have to work harder. 

 Since it's been a month that I measured myself, today is the day for that too. 
Really don't want to but here I go: 
Chest: 38" 
Waist: 34" 
Hips: 43" 
Thigh: 23" 
Arm: 12" 

Gained 1" in my waist and lost 1" in my thighs from last time I guess not too bad after all.
But I did exercise my arms with dumbbells every day and the no change there is really pissing me off...

Now off to convince my brain that I don't need to eat to get over the fact that I'm upset I go.
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Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

In every journey there are road bumps and this is just one of yours. The good thing is you're off those nasty steroids and you can start fresh again!

Just remember, one day at a time :)

Krystal said...

Remember there's always today or tomorrow to restart. It's hard to do something when on medicines that do that!! You can either beat yourself up, or dust yourself off and kick some butt! :)

Durante said...

Love these comments, I totally agree; don't get discouraged! One thing that I really loved is a juice fast I had done that I watched on the documentary "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead." it's a quick fix after some steroid treatments. (They are horrible for weight gain, I'm sorry.)

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