Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weight update #8

I haven't done a weight update in a while, since after Thanksgiving to be exact, so it's about time. 

So it' seems that I've gained about 1 pound during the Christmas holidays, which honestly I'm not worried about, it's a nothing in my radar! 

It's almost time to take my measurement, since I haven't checked those since October, so here they are: 
Chest: 38" (1 inch up) 
Waist: 32" (the same) 
Hips: 41" (the same) 
Thigh: 23" (the same) 
Arm: 12" (1 inch up.....could it be muscles from weight lifting????) 

As for right now I'm alternating between 4 lb and 10 lb dumb bells to build muscles and resistance. 

I haven't been really good at my walking honestly, I didn't want to be one of those New Year resolutions when I start off super good the first week and then forget about it. I'd rather slowly work it again in my routine once we're settle down from the holiday break. 

I did reward myself with a couple of new things tho. The first one, is a nice slimmer belt to use during exercising. 

It says that it help burn 65 calories in 15 minutes....I'm thinking to start using it while at work, while I walk for 3 hours straight...I think it can really help and see some inches off my waist! 
The only complaint tho is a strong smell of plastic one I opened the box, it's been sitting outside for few days and it still smells....any ideas?? 

And My friend Jodi just gifted me a nice pair of capri athletic pants.....can't wait to try them on to exercise!!
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Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

The holidays are always hard to get through, especially if you're watching what you eat and trying to lose weight.

In my opinion, 1+ lb is an accomplishment!! It could definitely be a lot worse so good for you :)

You'll have to let me know how that belt works for you. My suggestion is maybe try to let it air outside for awhile?

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