Friday, October 10, 2008

Business Licence YAY!

I finally did it! Yesterday, October the 9Th 2008 I finally got it my business licence!!! I still cannot believe it!! I worked really hard, saved my little money and I could do it. Was my goal for September, but that OK anyway!
I was very thrilled yesterday and felt like I was walking on the clouds. Now Crocheted little thing is official and I can do a lots of more stuff.
After all the excitement, this morning I got up and realize....I really don't know what to do next, I so much dreamed about this moment that I forgot all about the "after" part....But no panic! I will relax this week end and I'll brain storming all my ideas and I'm pretty sure I will come out with something good and I will make this business grow! For now I guess I'm going to concentrate on advertise and making some good sales to recuperate the money I had to spend ehehe! But still it's a good sensation. I still need to register for my name, I'm trying to figure that out :)
I must admit I'm really proud of me!!


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