Thursday, October 2, 2008

Business Plan

I never thought I could post something like this....when I heard someone else talking about their business plan and how important is to have your own I always thought they were very fanatic.....and I kept repeating my self:"I do have an idea of my business plan, it's in my head floating somewhere......"
Well, after a couple of weeks running around like a blind chicken and coming up with nothing and feeling the frustration raise, I finally realize I needed to stop, sit down and finalize my thoughts!
So yesterday night I finally did, I wrote down all my "ideas", what I want for me to happen, how I need to work on it in order to let them happen and I also give them a priority.....
I'm going to stick with what I planned and keeping hoping for the best! The people that kept saying that were right, now I feel better, my head is more clear, my brain is not overwhelmed and I can focus on what I love best: my family and crochet in my spare time. Nothing more, nothing less and if a little bit of money will come in I'll be happy, if no money will come in I'll be happy either way.
I guess I found the hand I was looking the other day to guide me through my day....It was MY hand, was always there I just couldn't see it in all the fog.....

BTW, I spent the afternoon to the doc's office yesterday, my son has tonsillitis...argh! SO after the doc's visit, the stop at the pharmacy for his medication, the gas in the car to do all we have $0 dollars, but still I have strength enough to smile at my son 'cause I know is going to be fine........can't help thinking though, what if it wasn't so easy all the time? What will happen to us? I'll still be able to blast the month without loose my sanity? Hope so!
In the meantime, today isn't that bad and tomorrow will be even better!


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