Friday, October 17, 2008

ShopHandmade loves me....A LOT!

I always check my shop on shophandmade ( every day.....

Between yesterday and today I was on shophandmade's front page with different items: my cupcakes, my earrings, but this made the front page twice yesterday and today:

Thank you ShopHandmade, I love you too!!

This bag is made by plarn, a peculiar yarn made by recycling plastic grocery bags.This time is a brown bag with white accents. I used over 50 plastic bags in brown/black and white/black. This one is embellished by a small flower of 2"(5cm) of diameter on the top of the front that works like a button allowing to close the bag with a loop. The inside has:- 2 pockets of 5"(12.5cm) each to carry a drink, a baby bottle of you cell phone- a loop with a key ring, really usefull to have you key always handyLet's talk about dimensions: 15"(38cm) wide, 12"(30.5cm) tall and almost 2"(5cm) deep. This kind of bags are really strong and they can be used to carry anything from grocery, to craft supply even books. For the nature of the material they will stretch and then regain the original shape and don't brake really easily. Believe me: it's been a lot of work between washing, disinfecting, drying, cutting them and then assembly in a yarn to crochet. But for me it's so much worth it if you can do something good for Mother Earth.Everyone have hundreds of plastic bag around the house, they're in our drawer, in the extra-full bags keeper and that's a good way to recycling.Please recycle:'ll be more to make this bag in different bags colours and sizes and to collect your plastic bags and do a bag like that just for you in any size and colour you wish.This is the year of thinking green and this is the bag for you!All my items come from a smoke and pet free house.


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