Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy belated birthday Gabriel!

Last Saturday (01/09) was the birthday of my amazing son, Gabriel.
I woke up with high fever that morning and have been sick all week, so we didn't have much chance to celebrate, but I can assure you that he had a lot of fun nonetheless.

Here in the picture, he's back from school were he celebrated his birthday with his classmates and he made the crown he's wearing and wrote on it: "Spidr Man" Exactly like that, all by memory!!
It's amazing how many progress he's made, he knows how to spell many many words now - last one that he ask me to teach him was "SPECTACULAR" and I must admit, since English is my second language I had to look it up to be sure to spell it right LOL

He still has his moments when he gets overwhelmed, but he's much more in control of himself now, he's learning new things every day, he's curious, he's HAPPY. I mean he really enjoys life and the things and people that surround him now, very differently that 6 months ago.

I still don't know if it's the gluten-free diet, the exercise we're doing at home, the language therapy at school, the social-interactions during the week-ends or all the above - or maybe was just meant to be- but I see him blooming day after day in a gorgeous flower that is my GABRIEL.

Curious about his birthday presents, aren't you???? Well, like his crown said, he's Spider Man :P

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TheEclecticElement said...

Aw, happy belated birthday to your beautiful baby boy!!
I hope your feeling better-It sounds like you all had a great time despite your minor illness issue :)

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