Saturday, January 30, 2010

Randomness Saturdays

Ok, just like the past Saturday, I really don't have a topic for a whole post, so I will just go ahead and post bits and bolts LOL

♥ Like always starting personal: I'm really excited because my youngest daughter, Michelle, will start school next Monday. Yup, she got in a pre-school program that will help her in the language and social area to get ready for kindergarten. She's really excited about it and she's running around the house with a back pack on her shoulders and big girl panties (she's not fully potty trained yet!) waiting for the school bus to come and pick her up!

♥ This also means that while I will have a crazy breakfast time, trying to get both of my kids ready for school, with lunches ready and waiting for 2 buses to come and pick them up, once they're gone I will have the house and me for myself....well at least for 2-3 hours. And while I think I will enjoy a little bit of freedom and will use that time wisely to take care on my business, I can't help thinking that I will also feel really lonely...will see!

♥ We also got really sloppy on Gabriel's diet for the last month and it shows: he got in trouble in school for acting in rage and he also lost all the 5 pounds that he gained in 3 months of diet. Major fail! We got back on track immediately and the gluten effect is slowly wearing off. Also, the doctor seems to think that Michelle could be intolerant to gluten too, so we definitely need to stock up on those gluten-free food. Gluten, can you please get out my life already?????

♥ Talking of business: I want to expand and try to wholesale. I think will be fun, tho very stressful, but I definitely wanna try. I already developed a line sheet and can't wait for orders to come in to see how will I do!

♥ My Etsy shop, Crocheted Little Thing, is currently featured on the Handmade Highway blog. I'm very honored that Lori posted my interview there.

♥ On a totally different note: if you're looking for some movies to enjoy during this weekend I want to share a couple of movies that I saw myself and I think they're pretty cool (thanks NetFlix!). The first movie I saw it about a month ago, it's called "Up", it's actually an animation movie and really made me think about the things that we put off daily waiting to do them one day....don't wanna tell you too much. The next movie is for the next Saturday ;)

There! I told you they were bits and bolts!

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TheEclecticElement said...

Aw, I bet your a proud, proud mummy that both of your kids are now off to school-Of course your going to feel lonely; I think that's all of mother kind when these 'big events' happen :)

I can totally relate to the sloppiness of diet-I'm in a HUGE slump that I can't seem to get out of, but I have hope that I will be more disciplined soon!

Good luck on your business venture-You can't gain rewards until you take those risks.

I left something for you on my blog:

Hope your having a wonderful weekend!

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