Saturday, June 26, 2010

Randomness Saturdays

After a break for last week (my birthday) here we are with another Random Saturday.

♥ I have a confession, but please don't laugh. I know you're gonna laugh, it's ok I can't see *you*, so I'm not gonna feel completely humiliated: I have a pimple. On my tongue. Yup! Like this one. I know I cannot be the only one with this problem, but it's so painful and so dumb :( I don't wish it to anyone else to be this uncomfortable.
Anyway, I'm also kinda of mad because I was told that after my surgery I wouldn't have to deal with this kinda of things. It's been 2 months and here I'm again :((((

♥ I had a job interview last week (totally by mistake....I went grocery shopping and ended up in one). I want the job sooooo bad! Would be a night shift, so it will be perfect for us: I will be able to stay with the kids during the day. When I'm gonna sleep???? I dunno, but I didn't get the job yet, so why worry now???? XD

♥ I was included in the sweetest cupcake treasury evah!!!!! You have to see it!

♥ I also had the honor to be the Crazy Train Rider on Artfire. People belonging to the Crazy Train Rider guild came into this thread to promote me and comment about my shop. Was very uplifting.

♥ Ok, movies that I saw lately that I really loved:I saw "7 pounds" with Willie Smith and I'm not sure I can say I love it, because talk about suicide, but it's moving for sure. And then I saw "Evan Almighty" (on the following of "Bruce Almithy") and I must say the message of the movie is really beautiful - a must see!

♥ And now I leave you with my fave song on the week: "Who Knew" from Pink

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Miss Val's Creations said...

Oh no! I've get a strange pimple like thing on my tongue from time to time. It is gross and uncomfortable! Good luck with the possible job opportunity!

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