Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vintage Feature: ScenicRoots

Vintage Pink Rose Resin and Enamel Brooch - by Pell - $38 by ScenicRoots

I know, I rarely feature vintage but when I found out that the treasury list that brought me to the Etsy Front Page was made by ScenicRoots, I couldn't help but feature her gracious shop....The more I click and the more seems to me to be entered in my grandmother kitchen all over again, in the old grandpa's house, smelling her yummy food and eating ice cream on the table with my brother and cousins. That house, and its content, got destroyed by an earthquake later on and all I have is few china plates and all my memories that ScenicRoots happily brought back to me after all this years.

Vintage Handpainted Floral Patterned Decorative Plate - Germany - $14 by ScenicRoots

I love everything from this shop that is all about selling & nesting • vintage • salvage • antiques : kitchenette, homespun, glad rags, jewelry pretties, carryalls, childhood memories, pastimes, fathers day items (Just in time for Father's day!).

Vintage - His - Mug Old Daimler Car - $6 by ScenicRoots

Let's get to know Tammy a little bit better and what she has to say about her business:

I grew up in a family of artists, crafters, and collectors. So ever since I can remember I was either creating something or tagging along on an antiquing day with the family. Either hearing about the history of an item or now having access to research it on my own has always fascinated me. I have always enjoyed working with my hands and especially love giving new life to a cool find.

I am a mom to three beautiful children that also share these same passions and appreciations. Have been a stay at home mom for the past two years and although it has been a bit of a struggle, it has opened my world up to so many beautiful things.

I collect things that make me smile or touch me in some weird way, so you will always see an eclectic mix. I enjoy even more, creating pieces by blending new and vintage with a touch of modern sensibility.

Vintage Folkart Rooster Napkin Holder - Lego Japan - $18 by ScenicRoots

Tammy can also be found on twitter, flickr and a very interesting blog, Purple Deer Vintage.

Hope you enjoyed ScenicRoots as much as I did :)

Vintage Floral Straw Handbag - by Patricia - $38 by ScenicRoots

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Purple Deer said...

I see we have amazing taste in bags...I mean similar taste. Hehe. :)

TheEclecticElement said...

I'm always smitten with other vintage shops-There is so much you can learn from these individual people and their offerings!!

Of course ScenicRoots is no different :D

Thanks for the wonderful feature!

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