Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What I got for my birthday!!!

As you might know, the past Saturday was my birthday and I got some nice presents that I'd looooooooooove to share with you!!
Cupcake mold
Key necklace
The first thing that came in the mail was the new and sweet cupcake mold from Shop Sakura: I was drooling over it for few days and Fiona was so kind to send it to me and me and my daughter Michelle already put it a good use XO

And than just yesterday I found the most delicate and precious key necklace from Simag!!! I was so impressed by the workman ship and even the package was just too sweet for words.....
They really spoiled me!

But the surprises aren't over!!!!
My bestie Michele at Sweet Irie gifted me with the sweetest treasury

My blog buddy Kayla gave me a shout out/birthday wished on her blog, The Eclectic Element

Also, my friend Kim from Vabeachquilter purchased from me and blogged about it!!!

And I also got some clothes, a cord cam (YAY!!!) and I was able to talk via phone and via cam with my folks in Italy, which it's always really nice!!!

Not bad, uh?

I'll leave you reminding that it's last day to enter the Pieces of me Pendants giveaway

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♥SimaG Jewelry♥ said...

♪Happy Birthday To You Lu♪

THANK YOU SO MUCH for including me in your beautiful blog!

ENJOY your new key necklace.


TheEclecticElement said...

I'm SO happy that you had a great birthday!!

And it looks like you got some awesome presents and fun little surprises ;)

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