Saturday, June 25, 2011

Birthday presents

First thing first let me tell you that the parents night out went very well. Me and hubby went to eat to an Italian restaurant and then during our stroll to kill time, we ended up ice skating. Since was the first time for me, I only walked around the perimeter of the place, but I won't give up, I plan to go back and learn properly.
And so far, no catastrophe had to happen, YET.

Now, onto my birthday presents.
My nephews came to visit and I was greeted with a "care" bag with a sweet little card, 2 soap bars, an hair wrap and a bottle of bubble bath.

My dearest friend Kayla (The Eclectic Element) surprised me with the second card in a week that made me laugh out loud and my mother in law provided the cute fabric you can see above. I foresee a cute dress for a little somebody in my house.

We spent the day catching up and eating before I had to go to work.
We also set up a water slide in the back yard, but only my daughter and my youngest nephew obliged.

But the hit of the day was definitely a little kitty my MIL brought to play with Michelle. Too bad we couldn't keep it :(

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amazey said...

I had to look real hard to find that kitty. Very cute!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Happy birthday!!! I love the Disney fabric! Waterslides are so fun. My dad used to set one up for us every summer! Adorable kitty. ~Val

Crocheted Little Things said...

thanks you for the birthday wishes!

I know we had to be extra careful to watch over the kitty 'cause Michelle kept hiding her among her toys in the hope she could keep it, but alas :(

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...


I second the whole too bad you couldn't keep it thing!

I'm glad you got the card and you enjoyed it :) And it looks like you got a few other nice things for your birthday as well!

Michele said...

O-M-G!!!!!!! That picture of Michelle with the kitty is tooooooo stinkin' cute!!!!!! I want her to keep it too! *swoon*

Happy birthday dear friend!!!!! Your present is coming next week!

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