Monday, June 27, 2011

Men working

This is the sign I see when I exit the park where my house it's located IRKS me.
I know it's silly, because I understand it's meaning: they're men working on the road and cars need to watch out for it. No different from "ROAD WORK" to me, just specifying that there are people walking on the curb I guess.

But I can't suppress the urge to slap one on my front door saying "WOMAN WORKING", ya know? Or any other household door (not just mine)

It's like.........what? MEN are more important of WOMEN??? Are we really still there?
Yup, believe it or not we are. Just few days ago my hubby let it slip after I asked him to clean the lawn: "Why don't you do it? You sit home doing nothing all day while I'm at WORK"
(Discussion quickly resolved with a kick on his groins)

Ladies and gentleman, we're in the middle on 2011 and MEN still think they are the one WORKING while we stay-at-home-mom (well me partially as I work on the week ends) staying home watching soap opera and eating chocolate. What? The laundry? the cooking? the cleaning? the children?? BUT we WOMEN enjoy all that, don't we??? oh, and running a business???? that's not even a REAL job, you do that from home so doesn't count. So you all entrepreneurs out there, nope you don't fool any one!

I think I'm going to lit the sign on fire.....

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Lauren said...

I don't know why, but reading this made me really crave eclairs. If I'm lucky, I can make it to the bakery before they sell out tomorrow morning :D

I totally hear you, though. I cook, I clean, I look after my baby and my husband, and I've been working on my business. But no one considered my business "real" until I started going somewhere other than home to work for a few hours a week.

And the rest... it seems like people think that keeping a 4 bedroom house clean requires next to no effort or time. I clean the dishes and laundry because I can't stand things smelling, and I get to the rest of it when I have time and energy available, which is way less often than I'd like.

luvncrafts said...

LOL I am laughing at this as I eat my bon bons.

Miss Val's Creations said...

LOL! So true. The people who get it say that stay at home moms have the most difficult job of all. Although I do not have children I believe this statement! It is tons of work keeping up with a household, raising the children and feeding the family!!! Not to mention you are working too! ~Val

Red Rose said...

::chomps on chocolate:: Yep, quite enjoyable letting laundry pile up, leaving a dirty house and letting other people have REAL jobs. Pfft! You made me laugh!

Red Rose said...

This really made me laugh! It is a lot of work, but I dont have a REAL job so what would I know! HAHAHA

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

You said it sista!!

Although I suggest you not go light that sign on fire because you could poooooosibly be picked up for vandalism. Lol

And oooooh boy, if my man said that to me, a swift kick where the sun don't shine would be the LEAST of his problems!

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