Friday, June 24, 2011

Parents night out!

Gabriel's school is hosting another parents night out tonight. The therapists will watch the kids enrolled in the school and their siblings, so the parents can have a 3 hours date worry free!! Me and hubby haven't decided what to do in 3 hours yet, but if will sure include a meal somewhere without the requirement of a playground or coloring menus to entertain the children lol

We already had one and was back in much as we enjoyed, was with much horror that we come home from it and found the eviction note in our mail. So call me paranoid, as much as I'm happy to go out tonight, I'm very worried about what I will wake up to tomorrow.

But I try to keep it positive.

And on that positive note, I thought it would be nice to share some progresses that Big G (as we call Gabriel now) had made in the past weeks:
♥ He was telling me a story about a book he read at school. I didn't know that story, but he saying made perfect sense. When I brought him to school, he runs to pick up the book to show it to me and starts reading to me. Now his reading and comprehension it's nothing really new, but he's ability to memorize and summarize a story and being able to explain it in a way that made sense to another human being totally is. His growing interest in something that is not a video game is also very encouraging.
♥ He accepted bacon, turkey bacon and a little bit of steak introduced in his diet. He even tried (all by himself) celery and accepted to eat strawberries with his sister.
♥ He made the most cute ceramic tile for my husband for Father's day (I will be sure to make a post about it).
♥ Yesterday when our neighbor nephew stopped by to play with him and offered him a lollipop, he smiling accepted it without retrieving and making a disgusted face. He enjoyed the candy and then engaged appropriately in a hide-and-seek game involving Michelle too.
♥ Picking him up from school, he made me a small red paper heart and wrote "I love you mommy" that simply melted my heart.
♥ He also accepted to get back to soccer games even after the ball in the face he took last fall.

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Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I'm so happy to hear that you and hubby get to go out and enjoy yourself kid free! That's got to be a really nice break for both of you :)

And yes, just keep being positive!

It's so great to hear about all the progress Gabriel is making :)

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