Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer trade event!

This weekend July 15th and 16th The Trading Post will be hosting our Summer Trade Event. We would like to invite everyone to come and check out what trading is all about.

We will be hosting the Summer Trade Event on July 15th-16th 2011 The event will begin on Friday July 15th starting at 11:00 am Central Standard Time and will break at 11:00pm in the evening. At 9am we will start up again and go until 8pm Saturday night July 16th. During the break time, anyone and everyone can still trade but, it will be stated that from 11pm-9am some traders may be taking a break.

Here is the starting list:









To be added to the list, you must complete a trade with a person on this list and your name will be added, the trade must be done during the trade event on Friday and Saturday.

What is Trading and How do I do it? Instead of giving money for items, you trade your items for something you would like from another trading partner.

First, you find something you are interested in and email the person asking if they would like to trade with you and tell them what you are interested in from their store.

Second, you wait for them to reply yes or no. If you are going to say no, please be polite and let the person know that you are unable to trade because you can't use any of their items or say sorry, I just can't trade this time or something else that is nice.

Third, if they say yes, you try to come as close as possible to the dollar amount of the item being traded including shipping cost.

Fourth, you and your trading partner agree to do the trade, then you both check out as if you are purchasing the item but, stop at the part where you would normally make your payment. Once both of you have checked out, then you mark the item they traded paid and they will do the same for you.

Fifth, you both ship your items to each other right away.

It does count as a sale and you should leave kudos after the item arrives and your trading partner will do the same.

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Cori said...

this looks like fun, we'll have to join in next time! We have our first craft fair this weekend we're prepping for!!

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I actually just got into trading on Etsy and it's really neat!

Is this trading event limited only to Artfire shops?

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