Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why do I love my customers?

Yesterday afternoon my photo shoot session was interrupted by the door bell. When I opened the door there was this cute little package from Jelly Belly waiting for me.
Ready to see the content??? Yes??? Look further then!

The packaged contained a huge tin of jelly beans (shaped like a giant jelly bean!), sock with jelly beans designs and 2 jelly beans key chain, one in red for Gabriel and one in Purple for Michelle.
Surprised but slightly confused, I dag the rest of the package to see who was from and found a sweet and lovely card for my recent customer, Gail, thanking my for the hard work in serving her.....woot!!!

So, let me get this straight....I got the change to make some wonderful items, expanding my limits and play with new media and supply and for it not only I got paid, but I also got a jack pot prize???? I guess I died and went to heaven! Hoe did she know that I like to wear silly socks is beyond me. We exchanged emails and talked about fave colors (that's why she knew which colors my kids love) but the socks thing was completely a guess and she guessed right!!

And that's why I love customer orders, it really creates a connection between me and my lovely customers.

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Miss Val's Creations said...

What a wonderful customer. It feels great when someone makes the extra effort to say thank you! ~Val

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Well isn't that such a lovely surprise to find, and such a thoughtful gift! :D

It's such amazing what wonderful people you come across in life like this :)

luvncrafts said...

What a wonderful customer! I love it the customers really like what they buy from you, and you really Connect with them.

Cori said...

YAY for awesome customers!!!!

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