Saturday, January 19, 2013

What I've been working on

It's been a while since I showed off any of my crocheted creation, so I thought I will take care of it now. 
In the mist of the trip from Jacksonville I did have few nice sales. 

The first thing I sold while I was away from hone is the over sized cupcake pincushion, to a man nonetheless that was praising the idea of over sized objects in my shop. 

So now I'm wondering if I should study giant versions of the other pincushions I usually make. 

On Etsy I had a wholesale inquiry that turned in a nice sale. 
Again cupcake pincushions, this time normal sized. 
Freshly made! 

I recently made a dinosaur plush for a sweet friend of mine! She loved it a lot, so I decided to list it for sale as well


As many of my reader know by now, my daughter takes ballet classes and I made her a nice bun cover to match her leotard. 
Her ballet teacher asked me if I could make them for everybody, so now I have a bunch up for sale on my website
So far, everybody is loving this one: 


I'm also gonna venture myself into selling some vintage gowns on Etsy, so please welcome CLTvintage
Not much listed as for right now but I plan to have more and more up soon. 

What are you been working on instead?
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