Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013!

The 2013 is finally arrived and I found a funny little image that sums it up! LOL 

I hope that everybody had a safe and sound end on 2012 and begin of 2013. 

Of course, now is the time of the new year resolutions and I couldn't help but going back to this same post that I wrote a year ago..... It's seem forever ago since lots of things happened and I do like to revisit old resolutions and goals to see how far (or little!) I've come. 

My first goal last year was to get both my kind in the same school. It took me almost 8 months to accomplish that, but I can finally say that it happened! As I foresaw, it's not been smooth sailing at all. Although Gabriel is very happy and holding up some good grade in almost everything, he's failing reading comprehension which is required to pass in order to move to forth grade. We are going to consult a doctor to see if we can help him with his attention problem, but it the meanwhile, it might be that he will have to repeat 3rd grade. Even in light of that, I still think we made the right decision last year and that makes me more confident that we can conquer all the other bumps that will appear on our road. 

My second goal was to find a better job (better hours and/or better pay): Last year I had to work through New Year Eve and the 1st of January which didn't make me very happy. Also in light of the fact that the company did little to find me new customers when my lady passed away. But I'm pleased to say that I love my current job at the school, I love what I do, I love the kids and the many people are lucky enough to say that??? Now the pay.....well, that's another matter! But still, I can't complain. 

My last goal was an attitude change about smiling more just to piss off the people that want my smile gone. I think I successfully reached that goal and I plan on keep on doing it. There is no price to see the look on the face of people that will tell you mean things just to ruin your day when they realize....they can't! 

So now it's time to set new goals!! 

  • As a mom, I hope to be able to help Gabriel through his attention problem and reach a point where he doesn't have to struggle so much. Hopefully as soon as possible. For Michelle, I hope to be able to instill in her some leadership skills that she's lacking at the moment.
  • Personally, I want to keep working on my weight loss, but more importantly on an healthy lifestyle independently if it translate on a weight loss or not. I guess what I'm saying is that I want to focus on the journey rather then the result as I think I will get the results I want without stressing about it. I foresee another 5k soon, possibly 2 and I intend to have fun at it.
  • Hopefully buying a house this year: I really really want to!!!
  • The trip in Italy: it's happening and I'm not hearing reasons or rhymes.
  • Lastly, I want to challenge myself more, to learn new things and get out of my comfort zone a little, because when I do I grow more, I have fun and I have more confidence in myself when it's done. 
I'm looking forward for the many things happening  this year. The first thing up is my interview for the about learning new things!! I just realized that I have less then 2 weeks to learn all about American history and politics........ekkkkk! Then there is Gabriel's birthday, Michelle's birthday, the end of the school, a baby coming in my family in July and my brother's wedding in September......sounds good so far.....what about you???

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Handmade Cuties said...

Happy New Year. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments in 2012 and much success to you in the new year. I love the image. Just wrote a check and had to scribble in the 3!

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I don't believe in setting resolutions but it really sounds like you tried to keep and succeeded in a few you set last year! I applaud you for that my dear friend :)

I think you have some great resolutions/goals this year and I'm ready to cheer you on through achieving them all!

To a fabulous 2013 for us all ^.^

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