Friday, May 15, 2009

New necklaces at Crocheted little things!

I'm presenting to my readers my new necklaces in the hope to have some feedback.

I really appreciate all the comments and help for my scrubbies and I want to thank the reader that suggested the oreo cookie idea: is in production and will do the debut in my etsy shop soon and obviously I will show it here too!

Crocheted mini doily necklace in aqua cotton, $22

The inspiration for this necklaces comes from my dear friend Michele at sweetirie that generously donate me the chain that you see in the pictures so I can try my hand at it.

So, I'm playing with it and I came up with this 2 designs: the first very delicate, small and romantic looking while the second is big, intricate and on the dark side.

Crocheted goth necklace in black cotton, $30

Once again I need you help here...which design do you like most? What colour would you like to see? I'm thinking to a rich chocolate brown (I know I have an obsession with fake food LOL) and some sparkly silver....

Also I'd like to have suggestion about the metal....I'm a silver lover, but what about you? Gold, brass, black???
Can't wait to hear from all of you, I do have lots of fun reading all the comments!

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Dirt. said...

i like the big black design! and as far as metals go, i really like silver myself, and gunmetal too! it really depends on the piece.

oh, and if you love fake food, you should definitely check out my shop...


janil said...

I love the black one... and slver, of course!

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