Monday, May 4, 2009

Featuring Buddha Kitty Glass

As promised, I'm starting to feature the nice people whom answer my thread in the etsy forums helping me finding my target market.

This time is the turn of Buddha Kitty Glass with her beautiful glass bowl and trays.

Green stacking cairn tray, $70

This is what this amazing seller has to say about herself and her shop:

"I have loved glass for many years. From my initial work in cold glass and small glass jewelry to collecting beach glass while walking on the shore, glass has long fascinated me. I especially enjoy watching the beautiful transformation of glass once heat is applied to it. I began working on kiln formed glass at home in 2006 in my first small kiln. In this kiln, I make tiny “dots” and small pattern bars, which I use as the centerpiece of embellishment on solid transparent glass. All pieces featured here at Buddha Kitty Glass are made in my home studio in Seattle."

Small blue tray with dichroic dots, $25

You can find more info about Buddha Kitty Glass on facebook.

Stay posted for a new super feature :P


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