Sunday, May 3, 2009

Exciting News!!!

I had another good week! My shop doesn't stop to amaze me and amazing people feature me and my works!

So, let's thank Chris, the owner of craftsbychris on etsy that featured my baby mary janes on shopindieonline, an amazing blog where she created a series of Gift Guides where it's possible to purchase an ad spot for your items and all the money from this will go to a charity. Definitely, check it out!

HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL - polymer clay pendant with crystals, pearls and sterling silver, $25 by craftsbychris

Then, another big thank to Linda, the owner of the moonstone blog that featured my plarn bag on artfire!

But the biggest and more exciting news comes from my sweetest friend, Michele at sweetirie. We always kidding about creating a blog together, but she actually wasn't kidding and today she graciously give me the "Virtual keys" to her marvelous blog. So, keep an eye open on her site because I will make my debut pretty soon!!!YAY!!!

Black Velvet Coin Purse, $8.50 by sweetirie


Chris said... are so sweet. You are most welcome and thank you so much for including me on your blog.

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