Friday, May 22, 2009

What happened this week.

This is going to be a little of a personal post of what happened this week.
Let's see.....

In my personal life I made some changes.
I decided to enroll myself in Child Care Training for the state of Florida. I drop out from college 3 year ago and I always regretted. Plus, I really need a part-time job in order to afford a new car since our it's falling apart. And so I did it, I went back to school and feels awesome. Of course, studying in another language it's not the easiest thing ever, but I'm hanging there and taking little steps at the time and I'm proud to feed the "teachers starving" Florida state. I have a test in a month and we'll see how it goes,

My kids are always the biggest part of my life.
I'm potty training my 3 yo daughter Michelle and is going better than I expected. Michelle, baby, if you'll read this post when you're 30 something years old I want you to know I'm proud of you even if you're going to hate me for writing on the net that you're learning to use a toilet.
That's ok, you'll get over it!
I had a school meeting for my 5 yo son, Gabriel. Most of my readers know now that my son has some development delays and the school meeting today just verified that I did the right thing putting him in this new school. They're right on the problems and will help in any way. Gabriel, baby boy of mine, I love you so much and I will fight with all my soul to get you well. It's a promise. And if you'll read this when you're 30 something years old that means that I did something right :)

Ok, enough with the personal stuff and let's get serious on business that for the past week became a huge part of my life, or a least more than usual.

I'd like to thank my awesome costumer, Tommy, to design the cutest i-Phone holder that I could ever have made:

CUSTOM MADE Crocheted Tommy's i-phone cozy in ecru cotton, $25

And the fabulous Koko that gave me a new idea for my granny squares earrings with a simple question: can you make them bigger??? Of course!

Crocheted earrings granny square Corner style one colour primary cotton BIG, $10

One more thing before I leave you all celebrating the Memorial Day Weekend: don't forget to enter my cupcake giveaway!

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TheEclecticElement said...

Well it sounds like your very productive with your crafts and your family!

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