Sunday, March 7, 2010

Randomness Saturdays

I missed yesterday since I was exhausted, so here it is now :)

♥ The reason I'm exhausted: I have the most awesome week ever in my shop... kinda like Christmas time, but even better! So I'm busy busy making and enjoy every little bit of it!

♥ For the series "I can't follow directions": I missed another baseball game where Gabriel supposed to play yesterday. We ended up on a baseball field with lots of kids, trying to locate our coach and Gabriel's team.....turns out I was on the wrong field! Who new that my city has more than one????? Well, not me!

♥ Gabriel wasn't to upset tho: He was still enjoying his new baseball glove, felling cute for his new hair cut and he lost another tooth!! Money under the pillow!

♥ I'm gonna share a giveaway with you! It's about Lisa of Pieced of Me Pendants. She had one on this blog last month, now she's having one on Sweet Irie blog and you don't wanna miss it!

♥ I thought to spice things up a little, this time I'm gonna share an Italian song from a singer called Zucchero (means Sugar in Italian). His songs are really peculiar since the words used in the text are pretty much meaningless non-sense, he uses words for their sound and their metaphoric meaning, so than the listener can pretty much find his own meaning in the song. So I thought, even if nobody will understand a word, they ca still love the rhythm and the melody. Myself, I think this song talks to me about spring and love, relationship and loneliness.

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TheEclecticElement said...

Exhaustion is okay when it's caused by an amazing week in your business!! Congratulations :D

Hopefully you'll feel better though and be able to get to one of Gabriel's games!

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