Wednesday, March 31, 2010

PurrPrints and The Gourmet Cupboard

First, I want to remember all my reader about Satori story (you can read all about her story here).
Today Satori had her surgery and I want to give a special thank you to PurrPrints for donating this cute postcard to me so I could sent it to that little angel at the hospital.

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Now, passing on a lighter topic: A while a go I was the lucky winner on some chocolate pie mixes from The Gourmet Cupboard.
They arrived in the mail promptly last week.

Heavenly Chocolate Pie/Cheesecake

I must admit that I never made a pie before (I know, right?!?!) and I was very afraid to waste this delicious mixes, so I decided not to risk it and I used a premade pie shell and filled it with the chocolate delish! The mixes came complete with very easy to follow instructions, 20 minutes and voila'!

I think it looks good for being my very first attempt to make a pie, but the important factor for me was the taste: HEAVENLY is the right term!

I strongly recommend to visit The Gourmet Cupboard, there are a lots of yummy stuff, not only desserts but also dips, breads, soups, meals and beverages!

I think I'm gonna try the beer bread next!

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PurrPrints said...

I just hope she liked it!

TheEclecticElement said...

Aw, I'm sure that little one loved her postcard :D
I feel bad that I wasn't able to send a card-Maybe I can get their home address and send her one at a later date?

That chocolate pie looks so delicious, I'm craving chocolate now! LOL

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