Thursday, March 25, 2010

A shop I love: TheStraightStitch

I found another treasury in twitter land and I'm going to share it with all of you: TheStraightStitch.

Parasols Cutlery Wrap, $10 by TheStraightStitch

Another plastic fork broken mid-salad? Another plastic knife for the landfill?

Have you been tempted to carry your own cutlery with you, for the good of the the environment, for convenience or to avoid that irritating broken fork salad situation?

Keep your flatware clean and tidy in this handy and stylish cutlery roll-up. The flap folds over to keep your cutlery from falling out, so you can toss this into your bag without even thinking about it. There's even a pocket for your napkin, cloth or paper, whichever you choose. Flip the wrap over and it would make a great little place mat.

Measures 10"x12". Comes from a smoke a pet free eco-home. Machine wash cold (preferably) and hang to dry.

Retro Flowers Cutlery Wrap, $10 by TheStraightStitch

I fell in love with this wraps thinking how practical would they be for hubby and the children that eats out every day, but there is a lot more on TheStraightStitch: you can find Enviro Lunch Bags, Wet Bags, Ring Slings and she also have a SALE section.

Dogs Cutlery Wrap, $10 by TheStraightStitch

The items that you will find in this store are made with unique, vintage and reclaimed fabrics. I aim to breathe new life into unwanted and outdated clothing/fabric by turning it into items that we need and use in our everyday lives. Let us be both Functional and Funky!

I hope you enjoy and pay TheStraightStitch a visit ;)

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Miss Val's Creations said...

Great idea! I bring my own silverware to work in a little handcrafted bag. I love the roll you designed! Food is so much better eaten with real utensils instead of plastic.

CinLynn Boutique said...

What a nice blog post! Those cutlery bags are a great idea!! And they are so colorful too!!

TheEclecticElement said...

I. Want. This!!
OMG-What a BRILLIANT idea :D
It's totally going on my wanted list. LOL
Thanks for sharing!

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