Saturday, March 27, 2010

Randomness Saturdays

Coming from cleaning the bathroom floor due to an overflowing toilet, here it is!

♥ Update on Michelle: Her ears seems to be perfectly fine now but she got a cold virus. I guess we simply can't win.

♥ Update on Gabriel: He's keeping doing great. We had another baseball game and he hit the baseball by himself at his second try. Made mom and dad really happy!

♥ My March Madness promotion is still going: Use the code MARCHMADNESS during check out to be entered in a drawing for a 25$ Gift Certificate from my shop! Few More days left, so hurry!

♥ Easter is almost here: What are your plans? We decided not to make plans. We will wake up, see if everybody is in good health, the planet all aligned and in base on how much money will have on our pockets we'll go do something fun.

♥ The song I'm gonna share tonight: I Will remember you by Sarah Mclachlan. For some reason makes me go back in time, when my sister was 5 (kinda like my kids age) and we used to play and fell asleep reading stories and I always asked her if she would remember me and the time together when she grew up in a teenager....well, she does remember me ;)

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