Saturday, March 20, 2010

Randomness Saturdays

Like *almost* every Saturday here it is!

♥ Update on Michele's mom health: She's at home now, still in pain, but on her way to recovery!! Healing vibes her way!!

♥ Update on Michelle's health: For the series, "It get worse before it starts getting any better" (right Kayla??), she got thrush all over her mouth back to her throat. Is going to clear up in a couple of days. I found some discharge on her pillow: hopefully whatever was inside her ear came out and she will probably not need any more medications or surgery. I will know more details on Wednesday.

♥ Update on Gabriel: He's doing great! He had another baseball game today and this time I took some picture (not great since Michelle was on my lap!)
I know I'm partial, but I think he's handsome like his daddy! You can see more pictures on my Facebook.

♥ My friend Allison started a blog: Mommy's Survival. She blogs about her story about being a mom, the circumstances about the birth of her second child (she's a young mom of 3) and reading her blog I found out she made a post about my cupcake with flower! I hope you all will enjoy reading about her.

♥ I won a yummy giveaway from The Gourmet Cupboard: mix for chocolate pie! Can't wait to cook it and to show it off (before it hits my belly! lol)

♥ And I leave you all with another song I love: No one by Alicia Keys

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TheEclecticElement said...

Right Lu!!

Sheeesh, that sounds pretty worse though >.< That poor little girly!
Still sending those healing energies from my end :)

Aw, look at your boy!! How great is that-I'm glad you guys were able to go enjoy his game!

I left you a little Easter surprise on my blog-Please check it out (it's for a good cause!):

Hope your having a great weekend :D

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