Sunday, October 3, 2010

Houston we have a problem! A funny story....

Yesterday while "talking" with my friend Kayla for The Eclectic Element, I got to think about fears.
Do you have any? I do have several, I must admit.
I'm plain uncomfortable in crowed places or alone in big spaces and driving in places that I don't know. I have fear of water and heights. And then I have one irrational uncontrollable phobia: roaches.
I'm not really a bug-lover, but roaches just make me go mad. I mean it!
And so, thinking about that, I recalled a "funny" episode that happened to me last weekend. Wasn't funny for me, but I think who watched me found it funny and I bet you will too.

One night, I turned off my computer and went to my bathroom to wash my teeth and go to bed. As I enter the room I saw it: a big roach running all over the bathroom floor, over the sink almost to touch my hand reaching for the mouthwash....he was running up and down everywhere!!!!!!!!!!
The only thing I could think to do was to scream and run out of the bathroom, while the mouthwash bottle was falling on the floor making a huge green mess!!!
At my scream, hubby comes down the bathroom with a bat thinking there is someone in the house trying to murder me! When he found me I was in total shock, scratching my skin raw and on the verge of feeling sick. I could just groan the work "Roach!" while indicating the bathroom floor with my weak hand......

Well, turned out I killed the roach with the mouthwash! The horrible bug got into the big green mess on the floor and wasn't able to move and died there.
So, just so you know, if sometimes you need some insecticide and don't have any, the mouthwash will do!!
Hubby picked up the corp in the mouthwash bottle and threw it away and then come to the rescue to calm me down and laugh on my face.
It took a good hour for me to come out of it. Almost wanted to crawl under the cover and suck my thumb for few days.
It's terrible to have a fear so big and not being able to control it. It disable you totally.
I was trying to get a picture of the "beast" I saw for you all to see, but just looking through images was enough for me to start scratching myself uncontrollably.
I so wish I was able to control this, but I think I'd need professional kidding!
Well, I hope that gave you a chuckle if you're not scared of roaches and that didn't freak you out that much if you are.

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Jessica Warrick said...

OMG i hate roaches they totally freak me out.. i completely feel your pain.

3 Peeps Designs said...

I, too, feel your pain! Those palmetto bugs in Florida are just huge and when the house is quiet, you can hear it scurrying about.... I move my furniture around a lot just to make sure... Get yourself a little Shop Vac... one of those All Arounds... you can suck it up with that and then throw the vacuum outside for your husband to empty out. I once woke up the whole house because of a combined attack... my cat brought a lizard in from the porch and a palmetto bug came in when I let her in... Yeah, I totally feel your pain. Slugs are bad too... I could easily go insane where those are concerned.

TheEclecticElement said...

Aw, Lu! LOL

I can just imagine you running out of your bathroom >.< Even though it is kind of funny to thing about, I agree with what you say: It's terrible when you have such an immense fear, it paralyzes you and makes your mind go blank!

I'm the same way with heights-I don't WANT to be, but for some reason I am. I've tried rock climbing multiple times, but I get two feet up and completely freeze.

averilpam said...

thanks for the laugh! I do sympathise though as I hate cockroaches too, especially after a night time encounter with one when I was young!

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