Saturday, October 2, 2010

Randomness Saturdays

Another Saturday, other random fact about me!

♥ I had kinda of a weird day, not bad, just weird. Woke up late, got Gabriel to the soccer game just in time but once we got there we realize I forgot his shin guards at home. The coach doesn't allow the kids to play without them because they could get badly hurt. So got home to get them and then rushed back as quick as I could, but Gabriel made it to play just 5 minutes before the game was over :(
He wasn't upset tho, I just felt guilty! Got some pizza on the way back home and after lunch just felt so tired and went for a nap....a long one! Woke up at 5 pm. EEEEK!

♥ Did I ever told you a have weird dreams sometimes?? I know sounds crazy but every once in a while I get dreams about my friends and loved ones. The dreams are usually upsetting and scary and sure enough when I get in touch with the person I dreamed on, something odd is going on in their life....this afternoon I had those kind of dreams about my old sweetheart from college. I think he's in trouble, but really can't do much from 10000 miles away. Hoping I'm wrong this time.

♥ Gabriel came home from school with another suspicious boo-boo last Thursday....please keep praying that we'll be able to pay for the private school sooner rather than later, because this cannot work for long :(

♥ Some more awesome Artfire collections are up! I think this was fitting for this month

And thank to Anne from madeformebyoaklie, here you go: Colors of the Sea!

♥ A movie that I'm enjoy lately is "The corpse Bride" of Tim Button. I love how the story is around different kind of love for different "kind" of people and the animation is superb of course!

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TheEclecticElement said...

Everyone has those off days-They aren't quite too horrible, but they're definitely not wonderfully. Just...weird. Lol

I'm a crazy dreamer too-Seriously, NONE of my dreams are normal. I really do hope that your friend isn't in trouble!

I'm sorry but that school needs to get it's act together-That's just so not right :(

I absolutely love Corpse Bride! It's definitely one of my favorites from Burton.

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