Sunday, October 31, 2010

Without cable for almost a week!!!

Good evening my readers, so sorry for being MIA for so long.....My cable company had a major problem Tuesday morning and after a crew of 4 technician and some digging in my front yard, today I finally have my internet connection again...YAY me!!!
But I felt so internet, no TV, no phone......I thought I was going crazy!!!!
But have no fear, I'm back to wish you all
Happy Halloween!!!
Seems that my neighborhood decide to go trick or treat yesterday night instead than tonight, so here pictures of my trick-or-treaters :)

Some one is digging for candies!

Licking her paws LOL

Also I take the opportunity to show you some new items available in my store

Eye Bulb cupcake, $9

And coming soon: Eye bulb door knob cover

And of course a little surprise!! 50% off sale on all my Halloween items, today only (11/01)!!

Click To Go ShoppingCrocheted Little Things
  • The Discount: 50% off all Halloween items
  • How To Get This Sale: No coupon necessary, prices already discounted.
  • End Date: 11/01
  • Other Information: NONE
Click Here to go to the Shopping at this store!

Also, since I wasn't able to promote my giveaway, I decide to extend it.You have time until Friday 11/05 to enter :)

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Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Oh goodness Lu, you poor, poor technology deprived person!! O.o

At least it's fixed and now you can reconnect with civilization xD

Happy Halloween to you and your family as well {a little late}! Your kids are just so adorable! I'm glad they were able to go out trick or treating!

Those little eyeballs are so fun-I really should get back to my knitting and crocheting so I can get as good as you :)

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