Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A shop I love: PDthree

Mandala Mirror #4 Handpressed Pocket Mirror, $4 by PDthree

On New year's Eve I was browsing in the forums on Artfire and BAAAAM I saw this! I could I resist to such beauty and perfection??? I couldn't!!

And this is how I came to know Michelle, the sweet owner PDthree and I was super excited when the elegant package came to my house!

The mandala is PDthree's original design, and is not just pretty - but practical too. Feeling stressed? Just pull out your mandala mirror and let yourself be drawn into its center, releasing stress as you focus on the mandala.

Is already tacked in my purse with my latest purchase: the chocolate lip balm that I blogged about last week!

Also a little shout out to Kayla from The Eclectic Element that sent me the cutest Christmas card! Read on her blog how she made them!

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Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Aw, Lu, you were right! That mirror is just so beautiful :) I love how you just accidentally run into those types of things and know that they're meant for you to have!

And I'm so glad you liked my card xD I had you on my list before you said something about not sending out cards because no one reciprocated-I just giggled to myself. Lol

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