Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'm going banana!

Do you remember when I posted about The One race almost a month ago
As it was to be expected, I had lots of muscle pain in the days following the race. 
Anticipating this, I bought my self a lots of bananas as I've read that it benefit muscles especially when they hurt from exercise. 
What I didn't know is that hubby had exactly the same thought and the day after the race he came home with even more bananas for me. 

 That meant that I had more bananas that I ever thought possible! 

And I also have a secret to share with all of you: I hate bananas! 
I don't really care for the taste, I can't stand the soggy texture and I really don't like the smell either. 

 Don't give me wrong, I know they are healthy (even tho among all the fruits they are the ones with more sugar in it) and I do occasionally even crave them, they come in handy as you don't need a knife to peel them, but there were way too many bananas around me now and I couldn't possibly eat them all. 

But I wasn't going to waste them, so I had to come up with a way to use them up and that's when I found a couple of recipe that helped me achieve this goal and I thought to share those recipes on here for future references. 

My go-to recipe when I need to eat bananas but I don't feel like it, it's definitely the chocolate and banana muffins from Handle the Heat
Here is how the muffin baked by me look like
I love this recipe as she used whole wheat flour instead of white flour and applesauce instead of butter and 3 whole bananas for a dozen of muffins. 
The muffin are very well sized and only 100 calories each! Perfect for breakfast or for a snack that doesn't add to my waist line. 

 The other recipe I love is a drink that used peanut butter too, another thing that I don't really eat often unless I have an hormonal surge. 
I don't have a picture of the drinks I gorged down, but I found the recipe on the Chichita website: just click on the picture and make one for yourself!
 Very handy to use up those jars of peanut butter and have a breakfast on the go for those busy morning. 

Thanks to these 2 recipes, I was able to accomplish my mission to use up all the bananas before they turned bad and eat a healthy amount of them. 

Do you have any banana recipe to share with me?
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Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I can totally understand the banana thing-I personally only eat them when I have a craving for them, which is WHEN you're supposed to eat them because that's your body's way of telling you you need what the bananas have to offer :)

When you don't have much of a craving for them it's just hard to eat them.

Those muffins look amazing! I've never substituted apple sauce for butter so I'll definitely have to try that eventually :)

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