Sunday, December 23, 2012

Baking and cooking.

Christmas is around the corner and so the baking and cooking has started for me. 

For instance, the last day at work, I baked lasagnas for the teachers and personnel. 

But I didn't stop there, oh no! I baked a pumpkin pie (from scratch!) and brownies 

Made chocolate fudge for the first time!! Courtesy of a wonderful recipe that I found on pinterest HERE


YUM! Thumb print cookies! It took me 2 matches to make them right. Recipe HERE  

Chocolate oatmeal no bake cookies! Not as pretty as the one in this recipe but they sure are tasty! 

Chocolate dipped pretzels

And vanilla bark, happened actually by mistake but very good nonetheless!

Should I stop or keep going? 
What have you baked so far?? 
If nothing, tell me what you're eating will do! XO post signature


Anonymous said...

Looks amazingly delicious! Happy holidays!

Terra H. said...

You've been quite busy! The goodies look delicious. I made a concoction with vanilla bark by mistake too and it turned out quite similar to yours. It was very good too.

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