Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter solstice

I guess the Mayans were seriously wrong, the world didn't end and all it's just like it used to be. 
So I think that calls for a celebration, even more so as the winter solstice is starting. 

No that winter ever really comes in Florida, but I digress. 

Today is also the birthday of my sweet little sister in Italy. I miss her so much! Usually on this day I we stay up chatting all night and now that she's of age, we'd take a sip of Baileys......good times that are going on only in my head unfortunately!
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Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Today's my hubby's birthday too! We can all celebrate together!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and cheers!
We'll be having a lot more winters and probably more doomsday predictions.

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I don't necessarily think the Mayans were wrong; I think we seriously misconstrued their message to us o.O Either way, I'm glad we all did not perish into a big fire ball. LOL

Happy Birthday to your little sister! It's sad you can't spend this special day together but I'm sure she's thinking about what you guys would do, too :)

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