Monday, December 17, 2012

Merry Christmas to me Part 1

I have started to get some Christmas goodies in the mail from my dear friends, so I thought to start sharing them with you and make you drool! 

The first package I got is from Lisa, the owner of Hillside Bakery
She knows me well as I can tell by the fact that she sent me a cupcake pincushion and it's BLUE!! My favorite color!!! 

The peppermint bark was simply supreme!! She makes it herself and I've never tasted anything so good. I still have a little tiny piece left in the bag.....I know, I know! It's calling my name.

 And of course the lovely snow man card! 

I was very touched by how thoughtful she was and also how sneaky!!! One day I found this package on my door step and I started thinking how weird it was since I didn't order anything from her (this time!) and probably she made a mistake!! But nope! 

She simply blessed me and I truly do feel blessed.....
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Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I know exactly how you feel Lu :)
I'm blessed to have people like you in my life, too!

What a very thoughtful gift to receive in the mail; especially that peppermint bark. Yummy ^.^

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