Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Merry Christmas to me Part 2

This time it's not something I got in the mail, but I bought it from a friend and neighbor for real cheap and I wanted one for so long: my very first treadmill

YEAH baby!!! I'm so thrilled I got it as days are getting really shorter and it's not always easy to fit my wort out during the day. Now, I can do it whenever I want, it doesn't matter if it's rains, it's 80F or below 20F, I will be able to get my daily miles done no matter what. 

For now is sitting in the garage, which is fine with me. I sometimes sneak out there after putting the kids in bed and have at it! 

How cool is that??? A drink holder so I can have all I need handy. 

I'm pretty confident I will be able to manage my weight easily now. I've been using it almost every night since I got it and I must admit that I find a little bit more difficult running on a treadmill rather than the road, but I figure that if I keep at it, it will get easier once I get used to it. post signature


Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Beside pole dancing, running on the treadmill is my preferred exercise. I just LOVE running and that release of endorphins, so I understand your excitement ^.^

Good for you and congrats on your early Christmas present!

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