Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Giveaway win: toaster from Luxe In A City

I love entering giveaways, but I never in a million years I thought I will win the giveaway on Luxe In A City for a gorgeous Magimix Vision Toaster!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
But I did!!! 

I was very excited when Roxanne, the co-founder of Luxe In A City contacted me about it and even more so as the package was delivered very quickly!

 I was also very surprised as the box was huge, much bigger that I expected for a toaster. But I couldn't help my self by opening it and using it right away......that's right, we had breakfast for dinner just so I could test the toaster out.


The set up was pretty straight forward, basically you just plug the power cord in the outlet. Then you select the function you want to use by pressing a button at the bottom of the machine with the program you wish to use. you have a choice to use to toast bread, like I did and to select the timer.

This toaster also has the ability to defrost frozen slices of bread which for me it a big plus as I always freeze leftover bread!
 The last function is to toast bagels, that I have yet to explore, but I'm sure I will soon.

Easy peasy, insert the bread slices in the opening at the top, scroll down the little level on the side (very smooth too) and voila'! The glass window allows you to see your bread getting toasted with a bright red light so you can play with the timer if the bread toasts too much or too little.

When the timer is up, a cheerful bell sound will let you know and the slices will pop right up for you to grab and eat.....see for yourself!!


 Peanut butter and jelly toast in the morning just became yummier, easier and fun!

If I really have to find one thing to complain about it would be that the instructions came only in French, Spanish and German, no English. But as I said, it was pretty easy to figure it out, so it wasn't a biggie for me!

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Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Congratulations on your big win Lu! I for one know what a rush winning something is and if it's a bigger ticket prize, it's even better ^.^

That PB&J toast looks nummy!

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