Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Spring break is here even tho you can't really tell as we are having temperatures in the lows 30's here in Florida. Not complaining too much tho, I know that in the states up north it's snowing :/ 

How do I relax? Browsing the web and specifically Pinterest! 
 I found few interesting things worth sharing in my opinion! 

 Ready for some tips? Here we go! 

 My first tip regards internet and money, oh yes! 
I found this interesting article on how to make money while browsing and do the things that you will normally do on line and basically working from home. I implemented some of the tips....well, I already own a few online shops, used Craigslist to clean up the garage and used few survey sites, but this gal knows a lot of them, some I never heard from! I suggest you take a peak and find the right fit for yourself. I used this down time to join as many sites as I could and some I like a lot, some I don't care for very much. 
Not sure I can keep up with ALL of them once my work days will start again, but hey, every little bit helps! 

 Like couponing? I'm trying to be super frugal, so I definitely love them, specially coupons for FREE products! If you're like me, you will love this list of companies that will give out coupon if you ask REAAAAAAAAALLY nicely! XO 

This other recommendation is more like an health tip about the many uses of raw honey and cinnamon. 
Did you know that these 2 ingredients combined can help your body fight most illnesses and even improve weight loss? I didn't, but Suzy Homefaker certainly does! 
I already tried the cold remedy on my daughter, it really worked and very fast! She improved by the very first dose, didn't complain about the taste or made a mess, plus I felt really safe giving it to her rather than use an over the counter medicine as she was miserable and I wanted to help her feel better, but really didn't want to give her chemicals. I, myself, am trying the weight loss remedy. I started yesterday and will keep updated if it really works. 
As Suzy suggest, use fresh cinnamon, the ground one that you found at the grocery store makes my mouth full of mouth sores...ouch! 

 The same goes for cream soups often called into recipes...I love using them, but I hate the chemicals in it! This recipe really helps in making your own, with ingredients that you already have home!

Hope you enjoy the tips I've found! Please let me know if you're interested in reading more of them or if you have some of your own!
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Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Like you, I'm all about the extra $$$ I can try to make; two Etsy shops, Craigslist, blogging, survey websites, contesting, etc etc.

It's definitely time consuming at times but it's nice knowing you're doing something to help yourself and your family :)

Apparently my sister did the honey and cinnamon thing for a week and lost 5 lbs, so it definitely works!

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