Friday, March 1, 2013

Inspirational videos

My husband showed me this video the other day and I thought I passed it along as it really stroke a cord in me.
We did a little research on it and found out that it is the theme song of a video game called "Civilizations". I guess that's why they show the most important moment of our history. 

 Since I recently studies the story on the American Constitution, I was impressed to see Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln in it as well. All in all I think it's a good start up point to teach history to our children in a fun way. 

However, my research didn't end there as I wanted to know the language used in the song as I find it beautiful and the meaning of the words, because I believe that will add more meaning and feelings to the video. I found out the language used is Swahili and the words "Baba yetu" mean "Our Father", so the lyric of the song is an actual prayer that in my opinion add spiritualism and power to the video. What do you think? 

 Hubby and I had some kind of philosophical discussion about this video, he sees it as a flash back of what humanity did in the past, some very good things, and some very bad one in the name of our ideals, but in the end the intentions behind our action were always good. he also observed that all started from few cavemen and we accomplished so far from that time that we reached for the stars....(the astronauts part). 

 I agree with him for the most part, but I also regretfully noticed that in the past we were way more driven that today. We weren't afraid to speak up for ourselves and even get our hands dirty for the things we wanted and believed in. Today, I think humanity is more concerned with commodities and political correctness than they own ideals for most parts. 

But that's only my opinion.I really would like to know what this video means to you! 

If this isn't inspirational, I don't know what is!! Not impressed yet? Then take a look at this young lady reproducing the song with 2 hands and a guitar!
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Mimi {SignatureSterling} said...

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful song - I had not heard it (or seen the video game) before. But I have heard the language and that's why it brought such wonderful feelings to me - my son lives in Tanzania (and has for almost 5 years now) and is fluent in Swahili - and I had the opportunity to meet many of his close friends and Tanzanian "family" members this past year. It is a beautiful language (and my son is a gaming fan so the video game reference was another note that made me think of him as well). Made me smile. Thanks again ;)

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