Friday, March 15, 2013

Oath ceremony: February 22nd 2013

If you follow my blog, you already know that I was working towards my citizenship this past months and after some bumps on the road (like this!), finally the day came: February 22nd I officially became an American citizen!! 

 And I promised to share, so here are the pictures. Please be kind, I look rough! That's what happened when you drive for 2 hours in pouring rain freaking out about not making it in time for the big day!!

The first shot is when they passed the mic around and asked me my name and where I was coming from. Let me tell you: MOST.EMBARRASSING.MOMENT.EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate talking in front a big mass of people and the place was packed. Plus I hate talking in the mic. UGH! 
  Unfortunately I don't have a clear shot of me actually reciting the oath of allegiance, but after the ceremony (that lasted about 4-5 hours!!!), I took a shot with the judges presiding while I'm holding the so coveted certificate of citizenship. 

 I must admit I'm really proud of myself for finally made the decision and go through the process. Wasn't easy task, but was worth it and I think it gave me some more confidence in doing more things more myself (but that's for another blog posts!) 

I also want to take the time and thank 2 very special online friends that supported me in this process. I talked about my friend Kayla at The Eclectic Element very often, she's very near and dear to me and she sent me the sweetest little package. But I want you to go look for yourself, in this lovely blog post the she dedicated to me: I'm American 
I love love love the scarf, I put it on to go at work the next day!!! Here it is!  
And the bracelet is simply adorable! I like especially the symbolism in it: it of course have red,white and blue beads to symbolize the American flag, plus some black beads for the Black history in the country (Martin Luther King Junior), a cross charm for our freedom of religion (some country are not so lucky, you know?) and a red heart for the love that moves everything in the universe. And, of course, it has "I'm American" hand stamped on it and I love it even more knowing that it's one of the first hand stamped pieced of Kayla. What an honor!!! LOVE.IT!  
My pictures really don't do justice to this lovely gifts, so please, visit Kayla's blog for some eye candy! 

 Another friend, Gail, also warmed my heart with this lovely necklace!!  
How can I NOT wearing it proudly? I have America in my heart!
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Mimi {SignatureSterling} said...

Lu, how wonderful! As a new follower and "friend," I had no idea! So glad I saw this tweet!!

sewnfromtheheart said...

Congrats! I new you could do it! ((((hugs))))

luvncrafts said...

Congratulations!! Thank you for sharing this with us! YAY LU!!

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