Thursday, March 28, 2013

LIQUIDATION: 50% off sale

Yes, you read that right, Crocheted Little Things is having a 50% off sale on selected items


 Do you see anything you like?? The prices are HOT!
Gloves and hats for under $15 and ornaments and pincushion under $5, jewelry starting as little as $3....time to stock up!


Yes, I said liquidation
Is Crocheted Little Things closing???? No, at least for now

Just moving in a slightly different direction. I will be more focused on publishing my patterns and working on my very first e-book. 

Since I'm aspiring to start working full-time at school in the next months, I will have less time to dedicate to crocheting, so selling my knowledge makes more sense, it's easier and still profitable. 

 My crocheted creations will be, of course, still available upon request for custom orders and such.

 Then why the sale?? 
Well, truth be told, 2 important reasons. 

First, some of my stock consist of items produced years ago.....yeah, I know. They are designs that I no longer carry because they didn't have success. That being said, they don't make me any money sitting in my closet, so I'd rather sell them at a loss and gain the space back. 

 Secondly, the space I was talking about above! 
Help a girl clean her closet out to buy more shoes LOL 
Enough kidding, all these items are sitting in a big luggage bag, the same luggage bag that I will need to bring with me in Italy in few months. 
So, I need this bag empty......wanna help me out with that?? XO 

By either purchasing something you love at deep discount or promoting my items on social media, I will really appreciate your help in making my dreams come true!
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Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I think that makes a lot of sense, too! Hopefully you'll be able to start working full time and clear out some of your stock so you can get that extra space you were talking about :)

When I start crocheting again, I know where I'm coming for a pattern!

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