Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Featuring: Michelle Verbeeck

As promised, I'm about to reveal the other sweet trade that I worked out a week ago.
I was browsing Etsy searching for 2 cute little presents for 2 very special people in my family that are a little bit difficult to buy for and I found this lovely shop: Michelle Verbeeck. She had the perfect shop with just the perfect items and most important of all was kind enough to accept to trade with me! PERFECT!

Michelle Verbeeck's Etsy shop is dedicated to creating leather cuffs (even inspirational ones!), belts, shotgun shell designs and other accessories like wallets and that's where I found those lovely in the picture above!
I'm simply fascinated by leather items, I will love to have one of each from her shop!

I was very pleased with her workmanship and costumer service. The cuffs are awesomely perfect and I had the possibility to choose colors, size and stones to put on it. And now they are available also in child size!

So, if you're looking for Christmas presents, this is definitely one shop to check out!
Also visit her website with her cute blog, where she featured my cupcakes :)

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TheEclecticElement said...

Those are pretty darn awesome! I have a few friends who would love those as Christmas presents actually =]

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