Thursday, November 26, 2009

What are you grateful for?

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Today is Thanksgiving day in US and like all the Americans out there, I'm counting my blessings. Of course, life it's not easy or perfect, but I do have many things to be grateful for and I want to share with all of you!

1- I'm grateful with my heart that spills all over me for my son: many of you know that he's struggling with autism and we're struggling with him to find the right therapy that works best. Few weeks ago while I was thinking about decisions to make in his behalf, so out of the blue like only autistic people know how to do, he came up to me and said: "It's gonna be all right, mommy, you're my hero!"
I'm so grateful 'cause in the last year he made giant progress: last year we spent Thanksgiving night in a ER room 'cause Gabriel busted his front teeth for not being careful. This year he was telling me all about Turkey Day, helping me around the kitchen and play and talk....I'm grateful of how far he has come :)

2- I'm grateful that I found a true friend, Michele. I know, I name her often, but she's really dear to my heart. I'm grateful that she made it through a big health problem to coma back stronger, I'm grateful for every single word she writes me and just to be a part of her life.

3- I'm grateful for all my customers and friends that supported my in my business journey for the past year...I will be nobody without you all!

But now enough about me....what are you grateful for? I really want to know!

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