Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Won a giveaway from Mockingbird Monograms and other giveaways!

Hi readers,
a while ago I pre announced that I won a sweet giveaway and I was delighted to receive my price in the mail Saturday!

I won a scrumptious set of 12 monogrammed card and Kate, the owner of Mockingbird Monograms let me personalize the colors and the letter: I obviously picked pink, white and brown like my cupcake and the initial CLT for Crocheted Little Things and I'm so pleased with the quality of the paper and the monogram.....amazing!!!
And I have to thank Celeste with her Etsy It Up blog for hosting this giveaway. I do recommend you to check her blog daily, since she has giveaways going on continuously from amazing companies! Better yet, subscribe to her blog, so you can have giveaways delivered directly to your inbox, like I do and you can be the lucky winner of the next one!

And speaking of giveaways there are a couple that I want to point out to all of you:

1- The Etsy Giveaways Crew (me included) is hosting a "Big Thanks Giveaway" to celebrate our 1000 followers! You don't wont miss this one, there are 16 prizes for 16 winners that included items for the team crew members and 6 free ads for a week on our blog Etsy Giveaways that will be soon redesigned and improved. We're hosting it on PurrsPrints blog and will end 11/29, so hurry :)

2- The Handmade Highway members are having a gorgeous Snowmen & Staying Warm giveaway with lots of prizes and will end 11/23, so hurry some more!

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