Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday personal post

Seems like a very good period around here. I'm grateful, but it also scares me...I can be spoiled about so much happiness and serenity if all of sudden things start falling apart again. But Until it lasts, I'm gonna enjoy every little second of it.
So, let's start with some updates on my beloved son, Gabriel.
He scored good enough on his first report card that came in few days ago. Still some problem on his conduct, but I'm pretty confident that we can work on it and resolve them.
The doc accepted our choice to go meds-free and Gabriel improvements speak louder of any medication he has ever been on.
Yesterday, he had his last soccer game and he won a trophy (in the picture with my daughter and his coach). Since the soccer game is over, we're going to start him on baseball soon!

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On the business site, there is a big news too: I opened a new shop on etsy that matches my store name: Crocheted Little Things. Wasn't an easy decision and I'm still scared about it but I hope it will work for the best. The new shop will carries all thing cupcakes, spa items and fake food items. The old shop will continue to be open and will carries my bags and my jewelry and more traditional items. Thank you for all the support of my lovely costumers I reached my 100th sale, actually exceeding my goal to reach 100 sales before Christmas!! Thank you!
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Last Thing: Don't miss a wonderful giveaway going on right now on Sweet Irie blog!

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TheEclecticElement said...

I'm so glad to hear about your son! And it makes my heart happy that your all going medicine free :D

As for your new shop, I wish both of you good luck!! It can be a scary thing, but it can also be very rewarding so just don't think about scary-Think about rewarding!

Lastly, congrats on your 100th sale! That's quite an accomplishment :-)

Luisa Patterson said...

Thank you Kayla, you're always very kind and sweet, how are you doing BTW? I hope every thing is all right your way!

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