Thursday, February 11, 2010

I got mail: Thank you Mandie!

Some of you might remember when I featured Mandie d her tutorial for making cupcake candles on her blog Taking time for mommy a while back.

She was having a giveaway for her cupcake candles a little bit before Christmas and guess what???? I was the winner!!
And yesterday I got Mandie package in the mail and I must say that it felt like Christmas all over!
In addition to my 2 cupcake candles, she included a cupcake bath scrub (the top is a sugar scrub the bottom is a salt soak), perfume, a really cute silver tone watch from Avon (and a mini bubble bath.....Gosh, she sure spoiled me, didn't she??? I guess was my lucky day!!
I can't wait to have a nice bath my my cupcake bath soak and lite my cupcakes candles...they don't only look cute, but also smell fantastic!!
Thanks Mandie, you made a SAHM feeling like a princess!

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