Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday cupcake Find {Special edition}

This Monday I'm going to introduce you all to Olga at the CupcakeTree shop and her Rubber stamps.

Chocolate Birthday Cupcake Hand Carved Rubber Stamp, $8 by CupcakeTree

Hand carved stamp in the shape of a chocolate cupcake with a birthday candle. ***If you would like this stamp personalized, you can purchase the listing ‘ADD NAME TO ANY STAMP’***

Give your craft items a personal touch with this hand carved stamp. Use it for scrapbooking, cards, gift tags. Stamp it on fabric, wood projects, walls or books. The possibilities are endless!

Stamps are carved on a highly durable, eraser-like material that will not crack or crumble and has a pink color. Stamps are mounted on a 1.5” x 1.5” stamp mount with two grooved edges to aid in gripping and placement of the stamp when crafting.

This is a special edition because I happen to own my very own stamp that Olga designed for me and I love it very much!

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TheEclecticElement said...

How adorable! Your stamp is SUPER cute-It definitely suites your personality :)

Crocheted Little Things said...

Awww thanks! isn't she super talented in catching what I wanted so perfectly??

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