Saturday, February 20, 2010

Randomness Saturdays

Hi you'll! How everyone is doing? I'm doing ok here, except for my little Michelle that got a very bad ear infection and is in a lot of pain :(
Let's the random stuff start, shall we?

♥ I was working on some Easter bunny hats the other day and my daughter saw one that was incomplete, missing a ear of the bunny. She immediately picked it up, to bring it to my attention (I got side tracked doing something else). With a note of worry in her voice she told me: "Look mommy, the bunny is hurt!" I promptly assured her that the bunny was ok and I was going to fix it, picked up my crochet hook whipping up the missing ear and attaching it to the hat. She seems pleased with the result and wasn't worried any more. Few Night later, she woke up in the middle on the night with very acute pain in her left ear. Trying to calm her down, I sweetly whisper to her that mommy was going to fix her ear. At this point she stopped crying, crawled out of the bed and went to pick me up....well, you guessed a HOOK. I didn't know if I wanted to laugh or cry, trying to figure out how to tell her I couldn't fix her ear with a crochet hook.

♥ I was live with my cam on Thursday night: I was given a shop spotlight to promote my wares by the amazing site: Everyday Moms. Let me tell you.....was brutal being live, but was also fun! Hope you will join use next Thursday on Mingle Media TV at 8.30 pm Central Time. I also just accepted (kinda few minutes ago!) the offer to become admin of the site, so it's a good way if you'd like to connect with me more!

♥ More people to thank since they featured me:
- Lori, of the Handmade Highway, included me in our weekly newsletter.
- Shiela from the Antique Pocket Watches for featuring my other blog, Indie Discounts.

♥ Time for the recommended movie: The Bucket List. I love it every little bit of that movie and really help putting things in the right prospective.

♥ I'm leaving you my "stuck-in-the-head" song, hope you'll like it!

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Time4Mommy said...

Aww your dd sounds sooo cute with the hurt rabbit. Hope she is feeling better!

Stanza Rae said...

Cute story Lu, hope your little angel gets feeling better soon!

TheEclecticElement said...

Aw, my heart hurts for your little baby-But on the other hand, it laughs at that story because it's just so darn cute!!
I hope she get's well soon-No one should be in pain like that, especially young ones :(

Crocheted Little Things said...

Aww thanks! She's still in a lot of pain, currently both ears :(

And I appreciated that none of you made fun of my English: just realized a made a gazillion of typos!!

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