Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weight update #2

Just for the sake of it, I weighted myself this morning and I was greeted by this: 

Oh yes, baby! This is what I'm talking about! I'm definitely heading to the right direction!!

 I was a little bit worried as we have been busy with family activities and the weather wasn't collaborating, I wasn't able to get it all the cardio and exercising that I planned to do, but still! 

We went to the water park in Panama City Beach, Ship Wreck Island, and had the day of our lives! Plus we went to the pool any day the weather allowed, so I think all that swimming helped. 

 I also pigged out on lasagna, this crock pot recipe really make it easy! Still I was able to eat clean the rest of the day to be able to enjoy a portion of this bad boy! 

I finally decided to try something for my shin problems and went ahead and ordered these medical heels cups 
I took those baby out for a ride last Monday and I was able to run a whole mile, completely pain free!!! I was so overjoyed! 
Unfortunately after that mile, I had to stop and take them out of my shoes because they started rubbing against my skin giving me blisters :( I do think it was my shoes fault that were too narrow on the heel part and my foot felt very crammed in it, but as soon as the blisters go away I plan to try them again with another pair of shoes I own that are a bit larger on the heels. 

Today I'm gonna try and do my weight lifting (try is the key work as I developed a skin rush all over my arms that it's itching so badly and driving me crazy!) and I thought about this routine instead of the others one I posted a while ago, because I like to spice things up every once in a while so I don't get bored. Hope you enjoy it too!


Right know I'm using 4 lb dumbbells for these kind of exercises. I have another set of 10 lb that I hope to be able to switch to soon.
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Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Good for you Lu! You're just THAT much closer to reaching your goal :) Those small steps are to be celebrated!

As for a little pigging out, my philosophy is every once in awhile as a treat, it's okay. Any more often than that, it's unhealthy. So you're good ;)

Congrats on your shin dohickies-They'll probably take some getting used to.

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