Friday, July 27, 2012

Please stop saying that!

Note: The following post regards a controversial issue. If you're easily offended by fool language, skip this post and come back tomorrow. 
Remember the 1st Amendment and love and peace to every one.

Dear 50 cents and Joe Scarborough, 
please stop saying that! 
Stop talking about things you don't know about. 

Some of you might have read in the news about these 2 celebrities that recently got under fire for their infamous comments about Autism. 

That's what happened with the rapper 50 cents. One day, someone sent him this tweet:{Quoting} "Release the album or get shot again." The rapper allegedly tweeted back, "yeah just saw your picture fool you look autistic." And, he didn't stop there. "I dont want no special ed kids on my time line follow some body else," he posted later. 
You can read the whole article HERE 

Alright then, let's see. How do I and my son look like? We have 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 nose, 1 mouth, hair on our heads and teeth on our gums. Oh wait, wait! We miss the scars from a bullet due to someone shooting us. That's you sir, not us, my bad!! Go search "Autism" on Google and inform yourself, maybe you have a symptom or two. Don't give me wrong, I'm not saying that the person that tweeted him to get shot is any better, but I don't think it's because he/she is autistic.

Here it is, what Joe Scarborough said in his show: {Quoting}  
"As soon as I hear about this shooting (referring to the mass kill in Aurora, CO), I knew who it was. I knew it was a young, white male, probably from an affluent neighborhood, disconnected from society -- it happens time and time again," said Scarborough. "Most of it has to do with mental health; you have these people that are somewhere, I believe, on the autism scale. I don't know if that's the case here, but it happens more often than not." 

 Nice uh? Basically since I'm autistic, I'm so messed up and crazy that one day I will wake up and go off and shoot everybody in sight. NOT!! As an autistic person, I never have, and never will think of hurting anyone. I know it's wrong, you know? I'm not crazy, I'm only autistic

 Of course, this statement moved the read of other people with autism like me and their relatives, to the pint that Mr. Joe Scarborough had to take 5 minutes out of his busy day for an half-assed apology: {quoting}  
"During a debate regarding the recent Colorado shootings, I suggested that the Aurora tragedy should make Americans focus more on mental health in this country. I also stated that my own experiences raising a son with Aspergers made me keenly aware of how important strong support systems are to those who might otherwise be isolated. The growing Autism epidemic is a tremendous burden for children, parents and loved ones to endure. My call for increased funding and awareness for Autism and other mental health conditions was meant to support the efforts of those who work every day to improve the lives of Americans impacted. Those suggesting that I was linking all violent behavior to Autism missed my larger point and overlooked the fact that I have a wonderful, loving son with Aspergers. Perhaps I could have made my point more eloquently. I look forward to continuing my work with wonderful organizations like Autism Speaks to provide badly needed support to millions of Americans who struggle with Autism every day." 
You can read the whole article HERE 

  Hmmmm. No sir. You get brownie points for trying to cover your ass because, seriously, in your position it's all you can do, but don't piss on me without even bothering to call it rain, ok? 
1. Next time you want to bring awareness on the autism cause, please, please, please, do not put the word autism and mass kill in the same sentence, because they are NOT related to each other. 
2. As for you kid......I feel for him. He looks up to you to know that he can and to learn how he ca function in this society, and you just called his conditions "a tremendous burden for children, parents and loved ones to endure". Nicely done. 
3. And Autism Speaks???? Really??? Sir, you have to go and search on Google for Autism Speaks and inform yourself of the facts, about how much money the organization makes and how much of that money really reach people who can give these kids a chance. 
Please, inform yourself before farting stuff like that from your mouth, learn a thing of two about the "issue" that you're so strongly trying to bring awareness too. So strongly, that you used the attention that this horrible tragedy is getting to speak your shit in public. 
No sir, please stop trying to help the autism community because if this is the "help" you can give me that I don't want anything from you, please. 

Let's stop being disrespectful and remember the victim of this crazy act appropriately, without having to put a dump on it by the crap that comes from your mouth, please. 
The animal that did kill of these people, might be autistic or might be not, but this is not why he killed: obviously he's so deeply troubled that anyone can begin to understand. Enough said. 

These happenings struck a nerve to me. You won't believe how many times I hear people saying: "That kid....he has problems, issues, you know it's retarded or do they call them??? Oh yeah, autistic, that's it!! His/her mom did drugs and was parting when she was pregnant, so what do you expect???" 

 It hurts and I tell you why. 
My mom didn't do any drugs while she was expecting me, or my brother or my sister. And yet, here I'm. I'm on the "autism scale" somewhere, so what? I'm quirky and weird, totally antisocial if I get my way and sorely socially awards when I don't. I can't be that bad, because I have a husband (almost 10 years!) and I have friends and coworkers. They seem able to tolerate me! So how bad can I be? 

When I had my son I was 21. I was healthy, exercised every day, watched my diet, hold down 2 jobs to pay tuition for college (In Biology and Nutrition, mind you!) and of course I had a little fun with the guy that became my husband. Healthy young sex with one partner, what a party girl!!! 
Hubby was 22, enrolled in the Navy for 4 years. 
We had little money, a broken car, bills to pay and a kid on the way. No way to pay for drugs or even cigarettes or buz. Let alone parting! 
As a matter of fact, I never saw my hubby drink, even at our wedding, he couldn't stand 1 inch of champagne, just the smell....go figure. 

But even so?? 
 People that do drugs, of sleep around or drink don't get babies with autism. 

Mothers who drink get babies with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, not Autism. 

 Mothers who do drugs during pregnancies, make babies with drug addictions or drug withdrawal, no autism. 
Mothers who sleep around get STDs that can be dangerous for babies, not autism. 

What I don't need is the judgements of people, more so of famous people, that without be informed make ignorant statements potentially dangerous for people like me and my son. 

Please, inform you self about what AUTISM really is and stop saying THAT!


Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I knew your son was Autistic, but I honestly didn't know that YOU were on the spectrum, too. Of all the years I've known you and read your blog, I had no idea!

It's so sad when people, especially influential people that are supposed to be role models are ill informed and open their mouths to quote things they don't understand.

I can understand where they brought in the Colorado shootings, but to limit the mental possibilities to JUST Autism is not right. That individual obviously was way more deeply disturbed that JUST being on the Autism spectrum.

Another argument to that is in the past with all these mass murders, almost always the disturbed individual was on some sort of drugs to help their metal well being, but unfortunately doctors don't understand that doping people up with drugs 1.) is only a big band aide that will inevitably 'peel' off and 2.) drugs and people sometimes don't mix and it makes the issue WAY worse.

Education is key people!

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